Convert POP to Exchange


Triosync is a hosted Kerio Exchange Active Sync (EAS) mail service. Convert any POP account to Exchange mail without any modifications to domain or server settings.

How it works?

Triosync will download incoming mails from POP account every 1 minute, leaving a copy on POP. Exchange will automatically delete mails older than 15 days from POP mail box.

How to configure Outlook

Install the Kerio Connect Outlook Connector on Windows while it is native on Mac. Add the account by selecting Other Server types and follow the onscreen instructions. Once connected, it will sync all data from server to the new Outlook account. You can also import existing outlook data, contacts, calendar items into the new account which will sync with the server and the same will be available on all connected devices.

How to use Triosync Exchange with POP/IMAP

Once Triosync is configured, you can add as many POP/IMAP account to Outlook. You can set Outlook rules to save incoming and outgoing mails from other account into the Exchange while using any account to send outgoing mails. A copy of all your emails, contacts, calendar entries etc. remain on server and you can configure as many Outlook/Mobile devices as you wish. Triosync also offers all other features same as Microsoft Exchange.