Religious Province Software

Province Management System for Religious Congregations

What is Deogracia?

Deogracia is a complete software system to computerize all the administrative tasks, systematic record management, accounting, financial reporting and inter province communication of a Province. It simplifies day to day tasks, brings in accuracy, avoids multiplicity, streamlining of management and allows the flexibility to work and stay connected from anywhere

Benefits to Province

Systematic Record management, preserving old documents and records in digital format, uniform accounting system for all houses, possibility for centralized auditing and filing timely returns, import data into Tally for Auditor, automatic financial reports from houses to province, past and present member records with their posting and transfers, mobile app and centralized implementation and management by a single person designated by the province

Benefit to Generalate

The Generalate Module, implemented separately, will compile information from all its Provinces in consultation with their province HQ. Once implemented, provinces can auto-update that information to the Generalate software

How to Implement this Software

The software is implemented centrally under the name, logo and identity of each province. Each province needs to designate a person with basic computer knowledge. We will further train this person on the software, implementation, server management and data backup. There is no installation required either at the province or at each houses. The system is cloud based and runs from a secure online server

Cost of the Software and mobile app

Cost depends on the number of members and houses in each province. The basic cost for a 5 house/30 member Province would be Rs.7,500/-. Taxes are additional. There will be an additional 5% increase to this cost from second year towards support, maintenance, backup and upgrades of software as well as Mobile App

Software Security

The software and its information can be accessed only with a valid User Id and Password. The system is implemented under several layers of security. Since this is a highly technical and confidential, we will share these details with each province at the time of implementation. We shall provide contact details of provinces, dioceses and parishes user our software and they would be a good reference point for new Provinces

Your Name, Your Logo, Your identity

Each Province can implement Deogracia under their name, logo and unique identity and it works like your own software

Software Control and Management

The software, server and data are under the direct control and charge of each province. This will be administered by the designated person from each province. We will provide training and assistance to this person during and after implementation of the system

The Service Provider

Theosys is a technology driven company and is in operation since 1998. Apart from its primary business of providing enterprise class secure email systems to corporate, Theosys have developed and implemented full-scale automation systems in many Parishes, Dioceses, Provinces and Catholic Data Repository of CBCI