Technical Consultancy

Technical Consultancy

Our primary consultancy services are focused on Email systems, remote server hosting and application development. Consulting is interactive. We team with you to assure a thorough understanding of your company's processes and provide recommendations based on your input and our extensive industry expertise.

We define your needs and evaluate various options. We will assist you in system analysis, system design, and system re-engineering. We conduct objective hardware and software evaluations for you. We will assess the performance of your current systems and help you decide which products will best meet the needs of your office.

It is a process of bridging an important gap between the IT team and the management to make sure both the systems and investments are in sync with your business model and that continuity of the processes are ensured so as protection to assets. Consultancy is a turn-key project and we study your requirements, evaluate options, interface with service providers, implement systems and provide training.

Theosys is in IT business since 1996 and have designed and supported Email systems, Networking, Data Backup and Remote servers for various clients, that run seamlessly. Through our industry contacts, a deep knowledge of the hardware and software supply chain, excellent project and product management, we ensure that your organization will increase your competitive advantage.

Most small to medium sized companies are unable to justify the cost of an in-house technical expertise. This often leaves them little choice other than to rely on an existing member of staff to provide support. As a result many organisations struggle for years with outdated processes. Our IT Consultancy service is designed to be flexible so we can adapt to the individual needs of your organization. By offering simple yet effective advice, we can guide you through the various stages of a technology-related project in easy to understand terms.

We also provide practical assessments of your current technology, identify opportunities for improvement and help you to achieve more with technology. We work with you to assess, design and create a system tailored to your requirements and help you realize your ideas. We offer end-to-end solutions in Information Technology. We have proven expertise in analyzing the gaps in the automation of key processes in an organization and consequently executing the next steps in implementing them. Even after implementation we keep in touch with the support and maintenance of the system.