Server Administration

Server Administration

At Theosys, we provide 24x7 remote server management, in addition to real-time server monitoring and comprehensive, Web-based reporting for key performance statistics to clients who prefer to outsource their server infrastructure operations. Leveraging our remote tools, automated processes and skilled technical resources, we monitor everything from hardware platforms to operating systems, offering expertise in the most common services and applications.

Extend or replace your organization's technical requirements by utilizing our comprehensive server management and administration services. An extra set of hands to help with server administration and management services to carry on business when your resources are on leave, inadequate or during replacement. By engaging our services partially or wholly, you ensure service continuity and quick recovery from unexpected problems and disasters for a fraction of the cost to hire more staff.

As part of our fully managed server administration and monitoring services, we provide System Admin services as part of our Email hosting services to our clients on both the Windows and Linux platforms. To enable optimum server performance and continuous availability of your hosted applications all dedicated and virtual dedicated servers should be managed by a Server Admin to ensure your servers run smoothly and without any downtime.

Theosys provides Email Server Administration and Email Server Management Services to system administers and end users on both Windows and Linux platforms.  Outsourcing server administration help companies focus on their business and retain first level system support to take care of non availability as well as replacement of in-house system administrator. The tier-2 system gives our clients an advantage of outsourcing their online server management needs while retaining the flexibility to perform custom server configuration and installation of third party tools from their end on their own or through us.

Theosys provides a host of on demand services backup systems, redundancy and disaster recovery at not additional cost. These precautions protect small businesses with no IT team from unplanned downtime which can, negatively impact the company’s revenue greatly, negatively affect the company’s relationships with its customers and partners, and harm its reputation. For companies that have a strained IT team, or none at all, outsourcing server management can be a very smart, cost-efficient option and ensure service continuity