Hybrid Exchange

Exchange Email for select users on your domain

Hybrid Exchange is a combination of Exchange and Non Exchange email protocols like MAPI, POP and IMAP on the same domain. It allows key personnel in the organization to be on an exchange platform where as others continue to operate on POP/IMAP. A key advantage of this system is the scale of economy. Hybrid Exchange is added to your existing email system without affecting present settings.

Hybrid Exchange a hosted Kerio Connect Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) solution that functions the same way as Microsoft Exchange. Unlike MS Exchange requiring every one join it, Hybrid Exchange is designed as an affordable and easy to implement Outlook-Mobile Sync solution for individuals. Outlook, Outlook Webmail (OWA) and Mobiles devices will all maintain same set of folders and data at any given time. Any modification anywhere, is sync with all in real-time, automatically.

Incoming mails

Hybrid Exchange port with POP mailbox directly, pull a copy of every incoming mail and push too devices. Alternatively, an Outlook on any system can download incoming mail from POOP server and Hybrid Exchange will sync it with its inbox and push to other devices

Outgoing mails

Primarily, all outgoing mails are sent via Hybrid Exchange. While sending, it saves a copy in its sent items and update with all devices.

Calendar, Contacts, Task

These entries are first updated on Hybrid Exchange via Outlook. Thereafter a new entry, modification or deletion on any device, is first updated on Hybrid Exchange and then on other devices and Outlooks when they connect next.