Email Migration

Assisted Email Migration Services

We work with you and create a detailed migration plan to handle service and data migration both at server end and assistance at user end. Once completed, we'll perform your migration, including complete testing to ensure that everything is working as planned. Mail migration is more than just installing new versions of software. A Managed Email migration doesn't just move you to the latest messaging platform; it helps you move to a messaging solution that scales to your needs, maximises efficiency, and reduce costs.

We offer a number of email migration services to our customers at no charge. Our team of email migration experts is here to help you in case you have any questions or concerns.  Services include migration from POP-IMAP to Exchange or migration from one exchange platform to another.

Assisted migrations are ideal for companies that need help consulting, planning, and scheduling a migration project. Our assisted migration service will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your migration is being coordinated by the best team of email migration experts. The benefits of choosing an assisted migration are as follows:

  • A migration specialist dedicated to your project
  • A custom migration plan based on consultation with your specialist
  • A scheduled time slot with your specialist to perform your migration
  • Timely updates from your specialist throughout the process
  • Documentation and recommendations on managing the migration for your end-users

Assisted Migrations are a partnership between your company and our team of experts. Throughout the process we will require some action and information from you. Migrations vary based on the type of mailboxes we are migrating to and from. See the following chart for a list of what will migrate using our services.