Email Archiving

Email Archive and Email Backup Solution

Emails today contain a host of valuable and highly sensitive information that needs to be stored, retrieved and viewed on demand. Email archiving delivers a host of benefits including storage email management, regulatory compliance support as part of litigation requests and litigation hold to achieve regulatory email compliance and operational excellence. Core to the success of small enterprises is an integrated email archiving management strategy, which can be deployed quickly with minimal impact to the existing network environment.

Ensure a copy of every incoming and outgoing mail is automatically archived. Email Archiving Service helps organizations address the complex challenges of storing and managing a growing number of email communications. Regulatory Compliance impacts your entire organization and involves many stakeholders including the IT department, legal departments, HR departments etc. It’s no longer enough to track activity on the desktop system. Employees are also communicating using a number of secondary devices such as web mail, cell phones and tablets.


  • Short or long term archival with no upper limit
  • Secure, encrypted offshore data repository
  • Instant search and retrieval on demand
  • Enables compliance with data storage regulations
  • Central control for information management and business intelligence
  • Satisfies internal and external policy requirements
  • Enables quick response to discovery requests

Disaster Recovery

The result of a disaster is that business stops – orders cease to be placed, accounting activities freeze, data is unavailable, electronic communications halt, and the company has no access to decision-critical information. All of these events cost companies revenue and may result in unrecoverable damage. A disaster recovery and business continuance plan requires supplying a business with the tools necessary to recover data accurately and quickly after such a disaster. Any such continuance plan must be tailored to a client’s business needs. Disaster Recovery for businesses must be instantaneous, with no perceived downtime.


Monitor Incoming and Outgoing Email. Archiving automatically saves all inbound and outbound messages. Inbound and outbound messages are captured and archived as they pass through the server, automatically.

Email integrity

The original email message with the relevant header information is preserved. Organisations can refer back to archived mails for authenticity. Archived mails are not modified so that evidence is not tempered with.


Our solutions help you archive and store inbound and out bound data within your premise or at a remote location of your choice. Thus the system is owned and controlled by you and our role is to set this up and maintain it.