Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Hosting solutions deliver a completely private server that's perfect for businesses that need reliability and the peace of mind, that comes with knowing you are the only one on the server. With dedicated web hosting solutions you control the applications, while we handle the day-to-day server maintenance. Choose a dedicated hosting perfect for large applications, sub-hosting or as a stand alone database server.

In a nutshell, dedicated server hosting offers the capabilities and resources of an entire server to one business or website without having to share that server with other sites and businesses. This can be beneficial for a myriad of reasons including the following…


The beauty of dedicated server hosting is that you don’t have to worry about other websites using up all your bandwidth when you need it most. When you have a dedicated server, you also don’t have to worry about other businesses on that server sapping all the resources. Therefore, dedicated server hosting makes server crashes much more unlikely and gives your site the ability to offer reliable service to large volumes of traffic while offering things like video streaming and high quality images at the same time.


When you don’t have to share a server you’re able to enjoy a lot more flexibility. With dedicated server hosting you can manage the configuration of the server. This means you have more control as your business grows and flourishes without having to worry about whether or not a shared server is going to be able to accommodate your changing needs.

Ability to Customize

With dedicated server hosting you can manage the configuration of the server. Need one to act solely as a mail server? No problem. Want one to manage a database? OK. The way your dedicated server works is your prerogative.


A certain level of security comes with dedicated server hosting due to the fact that no one else has access to your server except your company and the company that offers your dedicated server hosting and web hosting services. .


Just as dedicated server hosting offers more reliability, it also offers higher performance levels for similar reasons. You may tend to post lots of photos that are high in resolution or regular video clips that require plenty of bandwidth and don’t take ages to load. You might also find yourself experiencing a lot of traffic from regular visitors, none of whom will want to sit and wait for very long while your website pages slowly load. When your site runs smoothly and pages load with ease your visitors are a lot more likely to frequent your site.